Cruise Control and Sack Lunch…

So Tuesday we drove out of town for my son’s appointment. I didn’t spend any extra money and the gas is budgeted for.

When I’m driving longer distances (in the case 50 miles each way) Cruise Control is a must. Google around and you will find some very interesting studies on the use of Cruise Control. Keeping your car at a constant speed saves gas. If you have cruise, use it!

Today, Wednesday, I was reminded how much just thinking ahead can save money. We were                         going to be gone a good chunck of the day and I was able to pack lunch for my 2 small kids. This was great because they were able to eat when they were ready and it didn’t cost me anything except a few minutes of my morning. 

So, I’m doing okay. I haven’t caved yet on those under $5 purchases and hope to continue the small saving streak. Now, to increase our income, that takes a little more work…


~ by Rachael Judd on September 2, 2015.

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