It’s always the small purchases in the way.

I read something somewhere sometime that said you should really think hard about any purchase under $5. 

I try and take that to heart. Actually it is where we lose the most money as a family. A snack here, a gadget there, most of which we could do without. 

Today was no exception:

Win: Really wanted a juice when I dropped the kids at school (thanks pregnancy) but I skipped it. Water is better for you anyway.

Neutral: After dinner the kids wanted to go for a walk. One had a gift card to the local corner store so we decided to walk there and the kids could purchase a drink or snack with their own funds. The walk was free, the snack was not. Come to find out the gift card had $0 on it or was not properly activitated, still working this out. So $4.97 on snacks for the crew (since it seemed unfair to pay for one kid and not the rest). Was happy for a good family walk though, it was worth the $5!

That’s all for today, we will see how tomorrow goes when we drive out of town for a Dr. appointment.


~ by Rachael Judd on August 31, 2015.

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