Revival: 2015

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a charismatic church but they have REVIVALS! They get people excited about starting new things or keeping the old things going.

This right here is a revival of different sorts.

We never did pay off our 100K in student loans that kicked off this blog.

Here in 2015 we now have 4 kids, are expecting in February and live in Central, IL. My husband is working full time (a job with travel) and I am freelancing and staying home with our kids.

I’m still a little shocked that we’ve ended up where we are with the kids and jobs we have but each decision has been made or accepted with thoughtfulness and joy.

So, I plan to post here daily. It probably won’t be a lot and won’t include any fancy pics or stats for the time being. This is here to keep me accountable. As we consider buying a home we want to continue to be frugal and wise with the finances we have.

I’ll just keep track of the wins and losses here. Hopefully big wins and only small losses. For us we are focusing on staying frugal and creating more income (freelance work for me, potential side jobs for my husband). We are also focusing on self control. It helps to say “NO” on this journey to pay off debt, so here is my record of that.


Win: Saved $1.06 by skipping grabbing a drink before church

Win: Went swimming at the community pool and supported our local food pantry. Entry was a donation to the food pantry. This ($10) was also less than the cost of our family entry to the pool would have been. Community means a lot to us so I was glad we could do this today.

Win: Saved $10.50 by skipping pizza on the way home. A local place was having a sale and I so waned to grab one on the way since we’d spent all afternoon at the pool. I came home and made breakfast for dinner instead while the kids showered up.

So today was a small win. We didn’t bring in any additional income but we did have self control in the normal day to day things.

You have to start somewhere! Welcome to Revival.


~ by Rachael Judd on August 30, 2015.

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