GLUG: Retreat!

I mentioned a couple days ago that I had a chance to take a little personal retreat.  The first reaction of most people is WHY?  And HOW did you afford that?

Why: Because I needed it.  I am a full time mom to 2 kids, freelance writer, am employed part time and have a husband who travels 6 days a week.  Even when I am not “working” I am working.  There is a lot on my plate.

Even our quest to be frugal and pay down debt takes time and forethought.  Since that is a goal for our family we have sacrificed the luxury of vacations. My husband and I have not be away together without children since October 2008. We did go away last October but had a 10 week old baby that was along for the ride.  This means that in 2 years I have gone home for holidays with family and that is all.  (Note:  My husband travels for work and although that is not a vacation he does have some time to himself to recharge.)

Lesson:  In order to achieve our goals we have to have the ability to think through them. Sometimes to keep going on a project, in a job or just in life you need a time out.  Take a break to think through your current plan of action.  Make sure you aren’t just going through the motions but that your heart is really in it.

How:  FOR FREE!  (Of course!).  After my husband agreed to help me work out the details with our kids I put the word out.  I asked around.  I let people in my immediate circle know that I was looking for an inexpensive or FREE place to take some time away.  Within one day a friend from church emailed me with 3 trips she was taking before January and she offered her place as a retreat full with comfy bed, cable and quiet.

LESSON: ASK! We all have different things we are willing to share, lend or give.  Maybe it isn’t your home but your power tools, free babysitting or just your time.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  It really is one way that you can stay connected to your community.  It is also inspiring.  When someone gives to you – you will feel that much more inspired to give back.

All I can say is RETREAT! Both you and your goals will thank you!


~ by Rachael Judd on November 4, 2010.

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