Some things in life ARE free!

Some things in life really are free.  As we have made the commitment to scale down our lives and live frugally so we can be debt free some good things have come our way.

I want to encourage you by sharing some of the free things that have happened upon our family in the last month and how they happened.

Maybe you will be inspired and encouraged to either give something away OR be creative about receiving something for free!

Item:  Train Table
Received From:  Church Message Board

We have a 3 yr old that is into trains.  That added to the fact that my husband works with trains we pretty much live, breath and sleep trains in this house.  A train table is not a “must have” in our book and although we had talked about purchasing one we decided it was not a good use of our money.  We have even often visited our local gelato store just to play with the train table for a precious 20 minutes.  This past month one of the moms on our church message board decided it was time to pass on their table and offered it for free.  We were blessed and able to pick it up and it arrived at our house yesterday.

In the midst of the pick up this very generous mom mentioned that they were gifted the table from another family and it was their joy to pay it forward.  If you are in a situation that something has been gifted to you that you no longer need or use consider paying it forward and gifting it to someone else.


Item:  External Hard Drive
Received From: Facebook

I “like” a photography business on Facebook.  This past week the business started going through their items and downsizing.   Some of the items are outdated but still usable.  The business posted on Facebook that they had these items both for free and for sale and listed a way to contact them.  I did so and within a few hours they called me, offered me up a 150gb external hard-drive and will deliver it within the next week when they are in my area for business.

If you have outdated items of any kind that someone could still use consider posting them on freecycle, facebook or the free section of your local Craigslist.


Item:  Fresh Vegetables
Received from: Next Door Neighbor

Our neighbors next door are in the process of decluttering and making space for a new dog.  Since we live in the city they also choose not to have a car. In the past week they have needed to make some trips to both drop off items for donation and pick up items for their new dog.  We mentioned that instead of trying to walk the items somewhere or use their bikes they were welcome to use our car.  Today when they came to get the keys they dropped off fresh cucumber and tomato from their garden!

If you have an item that someone could borrow consider lending it out for free.  You never know what you may receive in return!

So there are things in life that are free.  By being unselfish with the time and things that you already possess you are able to help others and in return may just gain a few new things of your own!

What is your favorite “free” item that you have given or received?  Tell us about it in the comments below!


~ by Rachael Judd on August 31, 2010.

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