The Kindness of Strangers

(No, I have not abandoned this blog or this project, I’ve been entertaining family and working, working, working…)

In the last week, thanks to this blog and the support of some friends (who would like to remain nameless) my week has turned a little bit brighter.

I’ve been spending an awful lot of time away from my computer due to my commitments to family who have been visiting and working at side jobs so my family can move forward on this project of paying off debt.

After awhile all the late nights (as I write this at 1am) and long jobs (a 1 hour freelance project that ended up being 4) it can be discouraging.  The thought “Is it all worth it” may just cross your mind in the midst of the battle to fight debt.

Take heart!

This week I have had 2 random acts of kindness passed on to me and it really made my week:

First, I mentioned awhile back that men’s razors were on my Target list.  I received an email from an online stranger a friend who said she had scored some for free and would be happy to send them my way.  I got them in the mail Monday!

Then a friend of a stranger friend who has been reading this blog asked if they could pass on my address.  I said sure. This week I received a card with a picture of a cherry on top and a Target gift card.

Ladies, strangers friends – I needed that this week.  I needed a reminder, a pick me up, a thought that all the work, all the hours and all the effort is not in vain.

Thank you!

I am a big fan of paying it forward.  In the midst of frugality and saving it is hard to think about paying it forward for some people and for others it comes completely naturally.

I know for me I can’t actually give much money but I do have the gift of time.

Tomorrow as an act of paying it forward I will be spending some time supporting our local homeless shelter.

What can you do?  Can you give time/money/resource to someone?  It does not have to be a complete stranger, it can be a friend you know is in need.

Take a moment today and be thankful for what you have and think about the last time a stranger was kind to you.


~ by Rachael Judd on July 28, 2010.

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