So long smartphone…

*gulp*  I am trying not to shed a tear as I write this but yes, I said goodbye to my smartphone.  And it was not just ANY smartphone.  It was the Apple iPhone. Why, why, why you ask…well…here you go:

Reduction: If we are really serious about this 100/100 thing we have to cut back expenses.  Now, I am not willing to pay to terminate a contract, that defeats the purpose.  But I am willing to reduce what we already have.  The data plan for any smart phone is a pretty heft expense and an iPhone is no exception.  This is one of those things that I can give up now, get back later and not really lose much in the between time.  (Although I know you smartphone addicts are about to tell me differently!)

Reality: As much as I really liked my iPhone it was the ORIGINAL as in VERY FIRST iPhone that was ever on the market.  No 3G, no 3GS and it is only *gasp* 8GB!  In the last couple weeks I have slowly been thinking maybe it was dying.  In the last two weeks I knew it was.  It started losing the ability to keep a charge, even after a full night on the charger.  I lost all ability to use speakerphone and THEN I realized it was because all but one section of my speaker doesn’t work.

Replace see also, Reduction:  I am eligible for an upgrade and would get a significant cost reduction on an upgrade to an iPhone 4 (so fancy!) but if we are again looking to save dollars we could make a significant ($50+) reduction in our monthly phone expense by going with a different phone with no data.

Reuse: I have a practically new LG flip phone.  I purchased it when I had a sales job.  I lost that job and the phone was used for less than 6 months and is in perfect condition.  I wouldn’t even have to buy a phone if I downgraded! My provider still supports the phone and, unlike the iPhone original, it does have 3G, so it is almost like an upgrade!

So I made the switch.  I couldn’t even use my iPhone for talking so really, it wasn’t really serving the purpose of a phone any more.  I took my smartphone and my flip phone and had the contacts transferred, the data package cancelled and the number confirmed on the new phone.  It took less than 15 minutes and didn’t cost me anything.

Now that it has been a whole 3 days (how have I survived this long!) I have found another benefit of not having my smartphone.

Recapture: Without total access to Twitter, Facebook, quick texting, email, etc.  I am recapturing time.  If I need internet enabled information I have to come into my office, sit down and commit to being at the computer.  It is much harder to do than sitting on the couch, nursing a baby and checking Facebook for a few minutes, it is a commitment!

So, could you do it?  Is there something you think you can’t live without but you know, in the back of your head, is not a necessity?  Are you willing to give it up to save a few bucks in the short term?

I did and I’m surviving (if you don’t hear from me in a week though please send a search party!)  You can too!

When our debt is paid off I plan to save up and re-purchase a smartphone.

I enjoy being able to upload instant pictures of my kids to facebook for my family to see.  I will miss having instant GPS and having to pre-plan my trips around the city a little more carefully.  In the short term it is a huge change in how I do the small things but in the long term, it is totally worth it!


~ by Rachael Judd on July 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “So long smartphone…”

  1. Thanks for being the first person on the planet other than me to tell people NOT to get an iPhone.

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