And Now…Back to our regularly scheduled program: Reporting!

I know, it is not very professional to say you will post on Monday and then disappear entirely.  But really, look at this face…

Baby Reese

Who can say no to holding, cuddling and protecting that face! I just spent 7 days with my new niece, mostly keeping her two older sisters at a safe distance for her own protection and for her moms sanity.

Now I’m home, have had a good nights sleep and am ready to return to this little adventure of 100/100.

Let’s recap.  We are hoping for $100,000 that will help us pay off our debt and have a small savings so that we can be debt free and live our lives differently than we do now.

We are doing this by living frugally, giving up some creature comforts and taking on any extra income possible.

Today I want to give you a tally of June and Mid-July.  I realized that it is not just enough to save on a bill or have extra money coming in.  It is also imperative that any “extra” money go directly toward something.  If not, we will spend it instead of save it, which is what happened in June.

June Income:
$250    Part Time Job
$40       Freelance
$50       New Grocery Savings
-$50     New Grocery Stockpile
-$200  Travel

Total Income: $90

Comment: LAME!  We had an opportunity to start out on the right foot.  We didn’t.  I was frivolous in our spending. We had been planning a trip for the end of the month for a long time and I did not plan ahead and save some of our weekly spending money to help us out.  The trip didn’t have to cost us that much either but we were in need of some car maintenance (that I had also not saved up for) so we only ended up with $90 that went into savings.

We did figure out a new way to buy groceries.  It will save us $50 a week.  However, we had to start with a stockpile first so in June the amount balanced to $0 savings.  I am already seeing the benefits in July though!

July Income:
$250    Part Time Job
$180     Freelance
-$102    Car Repair

Total Income: $320.00

Comment: WOO HOO!!!!!  Alright, I know that $320 is no where near $1000 a week but it is already 3 1/2 times the amount we were able to save in June!

On our way home for visiting our new niece the air conditioning went out in our car.  Normally I would just let it go and roll down the windows.  However, I have a 3 yr old and 1 yr old and a heat index of 104 degrees to contend with.  I thought it in their best interest to have it fixed.  Thanks to the income we’ve already received this month I was able to have it fixed worry free without dipping into our very weak savings account.

So what am I doing with the $320.  Well, right now, nothing.  It is sitting in a bank account waiting to be used.  We have one loan that has $450 left on it.  If I can make another $130 by the end of the month we will be able to pay it off in full.

Our goal is still to see us earn/save $100,000 over the next 96 months but it starts with baby steps.  July could be a very successful baby step for us!

This Weekend:  As you laze around this weekend and soak up the sun if you are near it here are some blogs to read for fun!

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See you next week!


~ by Rachael Judd on July 16, 2010.

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