I’m Tired – Clarity of Mind is Money Saving

I experienced a GREAT thing yesterday!  I became an Aunt for the 3rd time.  She is adorable, healthy and her mom is a rockstar.

As I rushed around packing my things, my kids things and getting ready to hit the road to go watch our 2 nieces while mom and baby recover, the excitement began to ware off and as the day went on watching and feeding 4 kids and then sitting down to work really caught up with me.

My “work” for the day was some freelance writing.  It was an edit of something I had already turned in.  The client returned and had some new ideas and is ready to change the concept from our original discussion.  All well and good BUT also time consuming on my end.

In my tiredness from the day I started out diving right in to the work.  I read and re-read the new concept idea and jotted down my next steps.  However, after about 45 minutes I was still not satisfied with the results.  Since I get paid by the hour I saved everything, packed it up and will pull it out again tomorrow and try again.  I also let the client know where I was in my creative process and if tomorrow would still work with their timeline.

Time is money.

In my attempt to make money and complete a job now I almost sacrificed both time and good content for pay.  I could have kept working on the project today and racking my brain for good ideas and clarity of thought but something that should take me 3o minutes may have taken several hours.  That is not fair to me or the client.  I would not have billed my client for time over 1 hour because that is the time it should take and the agreement we had already reached.

I am also sacrificing content.  Since the entire project is content based if this first section gets off to a bad start the entire project will come up short.  Also not fair to the client AND a poor reflection of my own personal standards for work.

Something like this could be easily written off as a “side job”, tolerated at a certain level and completed.  However, in the long run I would like to continue this kind of work and am unwilling, even for a small job, to provide sub-par service and product.  I am unwilling to be lazy just because I am tired.

Think about this in relationship to other things regarding money.  When we get tired we get lazy and when we get lazy we spend unnecessarily and make poor financial decisions.  We are tired, don’t cook and then spend money eating out.  We are tired, try to finish balancing the checkbook before bed but it ends up frustrating and ultimately unbalanced.

Whatever financial battle you are fighting this weekend, set it aside.  Allow yourself some time to rest and then revisit it next week.  A little clarity of mind could be the money saving tip you need!

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See you back here on Monday:  Progress Report!


~ by Rachael Judd on July 9, 2010.

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