Mama can wear a suit – so why not?

“Got a  hard working woman, works hard all day long” – B.B. King

“Well, if your husband is underemployed why don’t you go to work?” I am never offended by this question, it is the most logical response to needing more money – work for it.  In the past I have both worked for our money and been the primary breadwinner for our family.  It can be done.

But, you know how they say “everyone’s situation is different”.  Our situation is different.  I will explain below but before I get there know that I can take your criticism, if I couldn’t I wouldn’t put it on a blog that the world can see, it is okay if you strongly disagree with me on this point.  Second, I am of the opinion that if I haven’t walked in your shoes I don’t have the right to judge you.  I can support, love and encourage you and then maybe, just maybe, when we trust each other I can make a suggestion about what you can do better.

So why is MY situation so different:

-Cost of childcare.  We live in a high cost area (required by my husbands job) and the cost of childcare is outrageous.  About $3000 a month before taxes.

-My husband travels.  My husbands job requires him to be out of state 4 to 6 days a week.  Meaning we would need childcare above and beyond the average 40 hours a week if I decided to go back to work.

-Cost of working.  The amount of money spent on being a working woman is not pennies.  When you are talking about clothes, commuting, 1 or 2 meals a day and that is just the basics.  (Interested in knowing more figure out how much you really contribute monthly using this calculator here )

-Personal Commitment.  When my husband and I got married we said that when we had children one of us would be available for our kids.  We didn’t really define the word “available” but if my husband is in Denver and I am occupied 50 hours a week neither of us are really available.

-Vision for Kids.  This is very related to our personal commitment but I wanted to mention it.  We feel that having a relationship with our kids is more important than a lot of things we do.  If we are both working all the time neither of us will have a relationship with our children.

At the end of the day it does not pay (in cash or in relationship) for me to work outside the home.

BUT I do work.  I work 10 hours a week and most of that work can be done from home.  I use my kids nap times to complete 95% of this work and usually one evening a week to complete the rest.  I also take on odd jobs and have found a whole list of other ways to contribute financially to our family.  As I’ve said before, if you are willing to make some sacrifices and get creative IT CAN BE DONE!

Where are you?  Are you a two income family successfully paying down debt?  Are you the breadwinner with a stay at home dad?  Have you found creative ways to bring in a few extra dollars?  Maybe you do something as a family that brings in income?  Tell us about it below!

Join me tomorrow for: 100/100  how is THAT going?


~ by Rachael Judd on June 22, 2010.

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