Enough Whining – Where’s the Good News?

I hear you, loud and clear.  More than half the people you know have told you my same story. Debt, despair, frustration. If you really just wanted to hear someone whine you would just call up someone you already know!

You’re right!  Part of the reason I started this blog is to encourage.  DEBT CAN BE CONQUERED! Even when it is a ridiculous amount of money.

How can I be so sure?  Especially since I haven’t done it yet?  I like to call it sheer will – something we all possess but very few of us put to good use!

I’m not a total Dave Ramsey (Total Money Makeover) convert.  He rarely speaks to the issues of underemployment and raising student loan problems.  BUT I do like that he finds a way to communicate people’s victories.  That is what motivates people!

Think about it.  Why do people lose weight well on shows like the Biggest Loser when they have never been able to do it before?  First, they know it can be done.  They have seen past groups go through where they are and survive.  Not just survive but conquer.  Second, they do it as a group.  There are people encouraging them all the time to eat right, run just one more mile and step on the scale.

That’s how you should think about your debt journey over the weekend.  You already possess the tool to make this work.  You have the sheer will. So, read one of these inspirational journeys: Fighting Foreclosure, Being Broke, or Buying a House Debt Free.

And, after you are all pumped up to do this – because look what these people did – come back here next week!  I’ll start sharing what it means to be underemployed and how you overcome that by making small, simple changes in your life!

Have a GREAT weekend!


~ by Rachael Judd on June 18, 2010.

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